David Cook Live in San Francisco – Alice 97.3 Acoustic Lounge

Day two of “David Cook Takes the Bay Area” happened yesterday in San Francisco!

The show took place at Harlot, which is a small, more intimate venue than the room at the Hotel De Anza. I liked the venue a lot. It had this really interesting ambiance to it.

The show started promptly at 6 p.m. David and Neal came out and jumped right into playing “Heroes.”

In between songs, Marcus D (Alice DJ) would chat it up with David. In the video below they talk about who David thinks will win American Idol this season and what David didn’t expect to happen after becoming a “rock star.”

The set list played out just like the San Jose show. The rest of the songs played were “Come Back To Me,” “Light On,” and “The Last Goodbye.”

Like yesterday, I recorded “The Last Goodbye.” Check out the video after the cut!

I know people have been making mention about how loud the people in the back were while David was playing, but being that regular patrons were being let in and it was happy hour, I’m not surprised. I didn’t find them to be overtly distracting.

David was in high spirits throughout the set. He cracked up when Marcus D made mention of him having big hands after handing him a couple beers. I hope someone recorded that exchange, it was pretty funny!

I had won meet-n-greet passes through Alice’s website, so after the show my friend Sarah and I along with 20-30 other people had the opportunity to say hi to David after the show. Seriously, such a nice guy.

I thanked him for coming to the Bay Area, and I told that it had been a fun couple of days seeing him play. And David said that he looks forward to bringing the band back to play here! Good stuff!

Also, shout out to all the DCook fans that have recently followed me on Twitter! Hope you enjoyed the tweets I was able to send during the shows. I was having trouble yesterday, because my signal was spotty in and around the venue.

Anyways, it was a great couple of days of seeing David. I really enjoyed myself and I hope y’all liked the recaps.

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